The Village in the Hudson Valley is a proposed Life Plan Community located on a 53-acre parcel of land on Route 9W in the Hamlet of Highland, the Town of Lloyd. As a Life Plan Community, it will offer an opportunity-rich environment, providing its residents with programs, services, amenities and healthcare that support physical health, a sense of community and social engagement. The Life Plan Community’s goals are to improve the quality of its residents’ lives, while helping them to age in the best way possible.

Benefits of a Life Plan Community

According to a recent study by the Mather Lifeways Institute, Life Plan Community residents scored higher in five of the six dimensions of wellness than the seniors interviewed who lived in the community at large. The residents of Life Plan Communities reported more physical activity, increased personal connections, higher frequency of volunteering, more optimism, greater life purpose, less loneliness and more positive perceptions of aging. Life Plan Community residents self-reported more healthy behaviors, better health, fewer chronic conditions, better mood, better memory and greater satisfaction with life. They also reported being engaged in more intellectual pursuits, including reading, games, training or other educational activities and used social media to connect with friends, more often than older adults in the community at large. Life Plan Community residents overwhelmingly report having more social contacts and being less lonely. 

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